'68 - '82 Hoods
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DHF010 - '77-'82 SE Standard Hood
QHF010 - '68-'76 SE Standard Hood

SE Hoods give you about 3/4" additional clearance.

DHF020 - '77-'82 SE Top Louver Hood
QHF020 -'68-'76 SE Top Louver Hood

SE Hoods give you about 3/4" additional clearance.

DHF030 - '77-'82 Vented-Style High Rise Hood
DHF040 - '77-'82 Standard High Rise Hood (not shown)
QHF030 - '68-'76 Vented-Style High Rise Hood
QHF040 - '68-'76 Standard High Rise Hood (not shown)

Vented-Style High Rise Hoods provide an extra 1 1/2" clearance. NOTE: Vented-Style hoods are not functional as shipped, however the customer or his installer can cut out the vent to make it functional at installation time.

DHG010 - '77-'82 No NACA Duct Turbo Hood
QHG010 - '68-'76 No NACA Duct Turbo Hood

DHG020 - '77-'82 Single NACA Duct Turbo Hood
QHG020 - '68-'76 Single NACA Duct Turbo Hood

DHG030 - '77-'82 Twin NACA Duct Turbo Hood
QHG030 - '68-'76 Twin NACA Duct Turbo Hood
DHG040 - '77-'82 Twin NACA Duct High Rise Turbo Hood
QHG040 - '68-'76 Twin NACA Duct High Rise Turbo Hood

Turbo Hoods with NACA Ducts may require some modifications to core support (see below). HIgh Rise Hoods give you about 2" additional clearance.

DHG050 - '77-'82 '80-Style High Rise Hood
QHG050 - '68-'76 '80-Style High Rise Hood

Our '80-Style High Rise Hoods add about 1 1/2" additional clearance.

DHG060 - '77-'82 Z-Style High Rise Hood
QHG060 - '68-'76 Z-Style High Rise Hood

Z-Style hoods may require some modifications to core support. Z-Style hoods give you about
1 3/4" additional clearance.

RHF020 - '68-'72 LT-1 Design Hood

Whether you're replacing your damaged hood or just looking for a change, this replacement hood is a must!

RHF022 - Hood Inserts

RHF035 - '68-'72 L-88 Design Hood
(no Air Box)

Give your car the serious L-88 look. L-88 design hoods give you about 2 1/4" additional clearance.

RHF035L - '68-'72 L-88 Design Hood
QHF035 - '73-'76 L-88 Design Hood
DHF035 - '77-'82 L-88 Design Hood

L-88 Design Hoods provide needed clearance
for higher manifold heights and eliminate non-functional wiper doors on '68-'72 Corvettes.
Available in white Gel-Coat finish with all
mounting hardware in place, these hoods are
ready to be fitted, painted, and installed.

RHF040 -'68-'72 Small Block Hood

This factory-looking hood is a direct replacement part for your '68-'72 small block. Want a change? Check out ACI's other factory-style hoods, shown above.

Additional Notes: All hoods must be fitted to car before any priming or painting is done. It may be necessary to adjust hood surround to aid in fitting. Custom hoods will fit '68-'72 cars when wiper door mechanism has been removed. Modification to hood surround at windshield area also necessary.

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