'84 - '96 Rear Bumpers
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ACG015 - '84-'90 Phase II Rear Bumper Assembly

This custom rear bumper is a bolt-on replacement for all '84-'90 Corvette models (except ZR-1). Includes rear bumper push bar, trim strip and side grills. Looks great with ACI's Phase II Front Bumper or the complete Phase II WIde Body Kit.

ACG030 - '84-'90 LT-5 Bumper
ACG030TF - '84-'90 LT-5 Bumper
(TruFlex - in Black finish)
ACG035 - '84-'90 LT-5 Bumper w/ Molding
ACG035TF - '84-'90 LT-5 Bumper w/ Molding
(TruFlex - in Black finish)
ACI's ACG030 lets you update the look of your '84-'90 Corvette without the expense of changing all your moldings. Save even more time and money with our ACG035, which has the moldings already molded into the bumper.

ACG040 - '91-'96 Stock Rear Bumper
ACG040TF - '91-'96 Stock Rear Bumper
(TruFlex - in Black finish)

This replacement rear bumper is the way to go, whether you're replacing a damaged urethane bumper or updating your Corvette. Check out ACI's complete Update packages.

ACG045 - '91-'96 Update Rear Bumper C-5
ACG045TF - '91-'96 Update Rear Bumper C-5
(TruFlex - in Black finish)

ACI has come up with this stylish new look for your '91-'96 Corvette by modifying the rear license plate area and incorporating the C-5 rear lights. Will fit '84-'90 with an Update Package.

ACG050 - '91-'96 Update Rear Bumper
C-5 with Spoiler
ACG050TF - '91-'96 Update Rear Bumper
C-5 with Spoiler (TruFlex - in Black finish)

If you're looking for something new and exciting, check out ACI's latest update rear bumper. C-5 tail lights and molded rear spoiler treatment make this bumper a real head turner. Will fit '84-'90.

ACG100 - '84-'90 Stock Rear Bumper
ACG100TF - '84-'90 Stock Rear Bumper
(TruFlex - in Black finish)

This replacement rear bumper is the way to go when replacing your damaged or cracking urethane bumper.

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