Battery Charger and Accessories


Part #
97-04 "Stock" Battery Cover
$ 119.54
97-04 Battery Cover for Magnusson Supercharger
$ 119.54

This is our latest - a nicely shaped Fiberglass
cover to hide that ugly Battery! Shaped to fit
around your hood latch.

Simple Velcro installation!

Comes in White Gelcoat, ready for you to prep,
prime, and paint the color of your choice!

Do you have a Magnusson Supercharger?
Then order part number AHF074!


Part #
'84-'96 Fiberglass Battery Top Cover
$ 99.13

Looking to enhance your engine compartment? ACI's fiberglass battery cover comes in a white gelcoat finish. This is the ideal item to finish that unsightly Battery area on your C-4 - Earn that extra point at the local Concours!

Paint to match

Part #
Battery Disconnect
Side Post w/ bypass
$ 27.50

These unique switches install in minutes and
save you the worry of battery drain or electrical
fire on stored cars. Simply give the knob a
twist and cut off current at the battery. Another
twist and you're back on the road.
Includes bypass.

Part #
Battery Disconnect
Top Post

Same features as p/n 17823 above, but designed for top post Batteries.

Part #
Battery Tender
$ 59.95

Safe, reliable, trouble free battery care.
Automatically switches off after fully charging to storage charge. Constantly monitors the
battery without the damaging effects of trickle
charging. Although there is a constant voltage
of 13.6 volts being applied to the battery, it is
doing so at very little or no current. Battery
tender will monitor your battery for years
without the fear of boiling or destroying your
battery. Five year warranty.

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