Detailing Supplies

For best results, be sure to use our
Norton Blue Wipe Detail Micro Fiber Cloth!

Part #
Wizard's Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer
$ 15.95
Wizard's Metal Renew Liquid Polish
$ 13.95
Wizard's Power Seal Metal Protectant
$ 13.95
Wizard's Shine Master Polish and Sealant
$ 16.95
Wizard's Vinyl Shine Dressing and Protectant
$ 14.95
11077 Wizard's Wash Super Concentrate $ 10.95
Wizard's Bug Release Bug Remover
$ 12.95
Wizard's Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner
$ 12.95
Wizard's Supreme Seal Paint Sealant
$ 16.95
Wizard's Leather Plus Interior Treatment
$ 14.95
Wizard's Black Renew Exterior Trim Treatment
$ 16.95

Wizard Car Care Products !

Wizard's offers a professional line of specialty
appearance products, sold through quality
automotive paint jobbers, body shops,
independently owned parts stores, specialty
boutiques and motorcycle shops.
Wizards Products meet or exceed the
California Air Research Board's current
standards for VOC content.

Wizard's Mist-N-Shine.
Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness.
Brightens paint, glass and chrome.
Safe for show chrome and lexan.
Hides swirl marks. Anti-static, Perfect for spot
cleaning or “Dry Washing” to remove dust, bugs,
oily fingerprints and more.
Contains No Wax, solvents or silicone.
Enhances gloss and protection between Shine
Master polishings. Shines Cars, Motorcycles,
Boats… even Mirrors at Home!
(22 fl. oz.spray bottle)

Wizard's Metal Renew Liquid Polish.
Fast cut, high gloss and less messy to use.
Easier to apply and remove.
Brightens and renews Aluminum, Brass,
Stainless Steel, Fiberglass and More. Can also
be used on Chrome, however for Show
Chrome we recommend using Mist-N-Shine.
Creamy emulsion does not require constant
shaking. Use by hand or power wheel.
(8 fl. oz. bottle)

Wizard's Power Seal Metal Protectant.
Environmental shield for all polished metals.
Provides an Acrylic barrier to stop air and
Moisture. Super seals and protects against
rust and Corrosion. Provides easy, high gloss
maintenance as a Micro Polish.
(8 fl. oz. bottle)

Wizard's Shine Master Polish and Sealant.
Easy On – Easy Off. Awesome Gloss.
No Streaks or Smears. No Free Silicone or Wax.
Excellent cleaning/tough Poly Acrylic protection.
Safe for fresh paints, clear coat and Lexan.
Use as a Wax replacement, swirl mark remover,
or finishing (show) Glaze by hand or machine.
(16 fl. oz. bottle)

Wizard's Vinyl Shine Dressing and Protectant.
Great for Tires and Motorcycle Seats.
Non-Greasy, Non-Slippery. Beautifies Vinyl,
Leather, Rubber, Plastic, exterior trim and more.
Anti-Static, forms a dry shield to protect.
No residue to attract dust or transfer to clothing.
Water Based, non-toxic formula can be easily
removed for paint preparation. Adjustable Gloss
feature: High, Medium, Natural (See Directions).
(22 fl. oz. spray bottle)

Wizard's Wash Super Concentrate.
Thick, rich, long lasting foam. Gentle, but
thorough cleaning on all types of exterior vehicle
surfaces. Streak-free rinsing assures quick drying
and maximum shine without stripping Shine
Master polish & sealant. Also adds lubrication
when used during wet sanding.
(16 fl. oz. bottle)

Wizard's Bug Release Spray on Bug

Safely Removes Bugs without harming your
paint. Use on all surfaces. Softens and
Neutralizes Acidic Proteins found in Bugs.
(22 fl. oz. spray bottle)

Wizard's Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner.
Non-Caustic, Non-Acid, Safe for highly polished
wheels. Cleans Tires and raised white letters.
Dissolves Oil, road grime and brake dust.
Use as a Grease, Wax and Silicone remover.
Safe for Interiors: Dashboard, Seats, Floors.
Super spot remover for Carpets.
(22 fl. oz. spray bottle)

Wizard's Supreme Seal.
Bonds to paint with a tight micro seal.
Super Acrylic gloss! Tougher than Wax.
(12 fl. oz. bottle)

Wizard's Leather Plus Interior Treatment.
Preserves and protects all fine leather,
Naugahyde and Vinyl surfaces. Contains
moisturizers and Lanolin Oils. Concentrated
cream forms a penetrating Leather lotion.
Use on Auto, Apparel, Luggage and Furniture.
Pre-Clean Surfaces with Power Clean #11088.
(8 fl. oz. bottle)

Wizard's Black Renew
Exterior Trim Treatment

Works on all colors. Instantly removes embedded
Wax and compound from textured body Side
Moldings. Cleans and renews faded trim.
Concentrated cream outlasts sprays.
No airborne Silicone contaminants
(8 fl. oz. bottle)













Part #
Wizard's Detail Kit
$ 81.35

Wizard's Detail Kit
Wizards® Detailing Starter Kit Includes:

  • Mist-N-Shine™ 22 oz.
  • Vinyl Shine™ 22 oz.
  • Power Clean™ 22 oz.
  • Shine Master™ 16 oz.
  • Wizards® Wash 16 oz.
  • Multi-Fiber™ Detail Cloth
  • Vinyl Shine™ Applicator Pad
  • Wizards Baseball Cap
Packed into a soft-side cooler, MAKES A GREAT GIFT!

Part #
Norton Blue Wipe Detail Cloth (qty. 1)
$ 4.95

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